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At First Class Tour Africa, we knows how it can be hard just to find a place that is suitable for you. With increase in populations and growing cities; this make it complex and harder to navigate.

First Class Tour Africa has establised excellent communication with Hotel Chains around the globe that suite your respective taste of enjoying your Leisure or Business travel.

We provide the best discounted hotels, great service, and superlative competitive value. We negotiate the best competitive rates so that you much-deserved vacation is hussle free!

We aim at keeping your expenses at bare minimum by delivering the most affordable Hotel accommodation services from around the globe to offer you great value for your money.

Our accommodation Class range comes in 3 categories as below;

  • Mid range/Budget range 1 to 2 Star Hotels, Lodges, Guesthouse, Self catering accommodation/cottages and Camping sites.
  • Semi-luxury range 3 Star Hotels, Lodges, Private Mobile Camps to Exotic Private Beach House and so much more.
  • Luxury range 4 to 5 Star Hotels, Game lodges, Private Luxury Mobile Camps, Luxury tented camps, Private Guest House, Luxury self catering beach houses.


Our Family will definitely come again

First Class Tours Africa

What more can you ask for. All bookings pre-arranged and confirmed for you in good time.

First Class Tours Africa

All the hustle and bustle is reduced for you and the final important touches are delivered accordingly. I am grateful and always recommend you

First Class Tours Africa

As a family of 5 you want to be insured the best services and that's we got. All our questions were answered and assistance was on-point. Our Holiday has been the best experience we always imagined thanks to Jetson Africa. 

First Class Tours Africa

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