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About Us

First Class Tours Africa provides comprehensive services for groups and individuals from and to the country.Seven years ago, a young man who is commonly in love for travel and adventure, dreamt of having his own company someday.

I am a business prowess and experienced in the travel industry having desire to provide the best professional yet personalized service to the discriminating tastes and demands of the travelling public, bonded together and established my own company.


Our Family will definitely come again

First Class Tours Africa

What more can you ask for. All bookings pre-arranged and confirmed for you in good time.

First Class Tours Africa

All the hustle and bustle is reduced for you and the final important touches are delivered accordingly. I am grateful and always recommend you

First Class Tours Africa

As a family of 5 you want to be insured the best services and that's we got. All our questions were answered and assistance was on-point. Our Holiday has been the best experience we always imagined thanks to Jetson Africa. 

First Class Tours Africa

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